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Custom Pewter Hourglass. King Custom Pewter Hourglass. Queen

Pewter Hourglasses

Creative Italian Craftsmanship ... Fit To Be In a Royal Palace!

King Hourglass
King Model Hourglass, Top View

Highly Decorative

Unique Design, Superb Artistic Rendering:

Conceived by Us and Brilliantly Executed by Pewter Artist, Stefanini, Either Hourglass Will Fit
In with the Most Elegant Setting and Will Become
"The Masterpiece"
of Any Collection.

Have Fun Shopping

Check Our Other Listings for 1, 3, 5, 10 Minutes, Quarter Hour, Half Hour, Full Hour, 3/4 Hour, Clock/Hourglass Combo, Key Chain and Swivel Models.

Queen Hourglass
Queen Model Hourglass, Top View

Rich Looking

These Sand Timers
Blend High Luster and
Elaborate Sophistication
in Perfect Harmony with
Tasteful Elegance.


  • Black Etched Fancy Bases.
  • Six Twist Columns
    (With Pewter Beads on
    Center of Both Models).
  • Height:
    Queen Model, 8 3/4".
    King, 9 3/4" (With Legs).
  • Width: 5" (Both Models).
  • Sand Timers: 7 3/4" x 2 3/4".
    Approx. 60-Min.
    Accuracy: + (-) 30%.
  • Condition: Brand New.
  • Created in Italy.

All Our Products Carry a
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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Delicate "Foliage Theme" Blackened Engraving
on Fancy End Bases (Same Design on Both Models)
Allows for Small Engravings (dates and/or names) in the Center.
Please Use Only Reputable Engravers.
Pewter Sand Timers, Markings Pewter Sand Timers, Markings
Discretely Placed Along One of the Inner Edges (visible on
the left photo) are the "Pewter" and "Made in Italy" Markings.
Each Unit is Signed by the Artist and Carries the Production Mark.

King Model Hourglass, Front View Our Prices:

Queen Model; $349.00 ~ King Model; $379.00

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Queen Model Hourglass, Front View

QUEEN Model Sand Timer:

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KING Model Sand Timer:

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